Apollo Theatre Siegen

The Apollo is a stage without its own ensemble, which means it is in the happy position of having the opportunity to engage well-known theatre ensembles from major German cities. In addition, the theatre can offer space to various institutions and groups for free cultural work. Director Magnus Reitschuster brings about 150 productions to the theatre each year and performs two to three of his own productions.

The Apollo Theatre assumed its present form in 2007. The building on the banks of the river Sieg was originally a theatre and concert hall in the 1930s and later a cinema. The historic façade has been preserved. The Apollo offers 521 seats for theatre performances and 582 seats for concerts. For this purpose, the orchestra pit is run at hall level. Designed as a civic theatre, the Apollo has no boxes. For special performances, the auditorium can be reduced by 10 to 12 rows of seats, thus creating a special stage size with exceptional proximity to the audience, as was customary in baroque theatre. The lighting, with 200 spotlights, two elevators and 40 trains, provides a comprehensive technical framework for performances of every kind.