Historic circular route Siegen-Achenbach

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The historic circular walking trail is one of the enchanting twelve hiking highlights in Siegen-Wittgenstein. In fact, it is the only one for the city of Siegen, and it was inaugurated in 2011. The tour is 11.2km long combines the history of the region with experience of nature and enjoyment of hiking.
The knowledgeable local hiking guides of Achenbach Hometown Association guide their guests through four green valleys, to the springs of the Engsbach, Numbach, Achenbach and Großenbach streams, as well as passing numerous historical sights.

Duration: 4 hours
Meeting Point: Memorial at the Belgian garrison on Achenbacher Straße, near Heidenberg traffic roundabout
Guided tours for groups: on request
Group price: 65 €
Direct bookings with: Heimatverein Achenbach (Achenbach Hometown Association)