Prince’s Residence and Public Park – a historic-botanic tour through the grounds of the Upper Castle

Welcome to one of the most beautiful localities in Siegen: the Upper Castle gardens. The grounds, covering 16,000 m², surround the Upper Castle which was built as a mediaeval hilltop fort before 1259 and served as the residence of the Nassau-Siegen line of counts and princes.

The site became a public park when the City of Siegen purchased the castle and grounds from the Kingdom of Prussia in 1888.
Today the castle gardens provide both relaxation and the backdrop for concerts and other cultural events With its magnificent flowerbeds and stock of trees, including some exotic specimens, it is one thing above all else: a feast for the eyes of
nature lovers.
The Department of Parks and Recreation ensures the brilliance of the flowerbeds the whole year through in varying colours and arrangements.

This tour aims to provide an understanding of the Castle Gardens-ABC, of its history and botany.