“The Royal Crypt Rally, or: How the Elephant came to the Siegerland” – Guided Tour for Children

Tel. 0271/404-1316

“That’s boring. All those counts and princes have been dead for ages.
Why does anyone need to know which Johann reigned, and when?”
These and similar remarks are often the thanks received by teachers and parents
for their valiant attempts to convey
a little local history.
Katja Nix and her “Royal Crypt Rally” prove that things can be different.
Children 7 years old and over take part in a quiz and discover how the elephant
really did get to the Siegerland.

The Royal Crypt Rally comprises a guided tour with Katja Nix providing exclusive
If the youngsters pay attention and make intelligent deductions, they can break the code that allows them to enter the crypt and find the treasure hidden there.

The Royal Crypt Rally is suitable for both school classes
and for birthday parties and can also be booked for small groups.
The group price is 75 €.

More information from the tourist information office.